Full Circle America March Newsletter

March 2012

Goal Oriented Patient Elder Care

I was very excited to see the story below when I received the New England Journal of Medicine dated March 1, 2012.  As most of you know, The New England Journal of Medicine is one of the world’s preeminent publications for medical professionals.
The article was an affirmation that the obvious-yet-revolutionary concept of listening to patient goals is gaining traction within the greater trend in patient-centered care.  As a doctor long-frustrated with the top-down, archaic and unenlightened perspective of the medical industry that “Doctors know best”, I found it refreshing to see such an article advocate that successful treatment must meet the patients’ goals not just address the disease.   It might seem trivial to most, but to me this article is a very important stepping stone in the evolution of medical thinking and an important corroboration of our “Maine Approach.”

Goal-oriented patient care directly parallel the goals and mission of FCA. Treating the individual is just as, if not more, important that treating their medical issues. Too much emphasis is put on taking pills and charting bowel and bladder function. Many times measuring the quality of day to day life is overlooked. Personal satisfaction preserving independence, using the computer for social interaction, and making lunch are big milestones for many.  This lead article was a milestone for the medical establishment and another hopeful sign that together we can fundamentally change the current elder care paradigm.

           – Dr. Allan “Chip” Teel

Lunch Bunch Outings

Being part of a group  gives you a sense of belonging and attending one of our “Lunch Bunch” outings is a  great way to meet people in your community.
Every month we meet at a local cafe or bakery to talk, laugh and meet others members of our FCA communioty. Many in our groups find they have mutual interests  and plan outings on their own. It’s all about remaining a part of your community – and having some FUN.

Support FCA

Show your support for FCA in your community by displaying our window cling. To get yours send a SASE to:
Full Circle America
PO Box 484
Damariscotta, Maine 04543

Let’s spread the word about empowered aging.

Find Us On Facebook

Like us on our Full Circle America Facebook page and read what other people are doing to empower the people in their lives.


Our technology team has been busy finding, testing and implementing new technology for our in home monitoring system. Our passive technology includes motion sensors, cameras, door sensors and temperature sensors while our interactive devices include a video phone and a help button. Using advanced technology in wireless, z wave, 3G, and  zigbee we are able to  install the equipment and monitor the home without running wiring through the home.  Installation usually takes 20-30 minutes. Our video phone makes video calls to friends and family using a simple touch screen interface. This intuitive device sits on your coffee table and rings like a telephone when you are receiving a call. To answer, you just touch “accept” on the screen. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is. Our wireless help button gives you direct access to FCA  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bringing you the best service through the use of technology and our dedicated people is always our goal.


Informational webinars for potential affiliate managers are being held on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm est. Classes are small to give each participant a chance to ask Dr. Teel and the FCA staff questions. If you are interested in sitting in for a webinar, contact Eric at eric.winter@fullcirlceamerica.com.

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